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Years of Living Dangerously : Indonesia Haze and Deforestation (Harrison Ford)
Harrison Ford travels to Indonesia in 2013 to investigate how the world's appetite for palm oil – an ingredient in everything from candy bars to laundry detergent ...
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This Emmy-winning series follows celebrity correspondents around the world, to witness first-hand the effects of climate change on our pl and to learn how ...
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Years of Living Dangerously
In Hong Kong, Sigourney Weaver learns what could happen if China doesn't make a major shift in its economic growth model. ➡ Subscribe: ...
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Factory to the World
Bradley Whitford talks to Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse about what makes climate change a partisan issue. ➡ Subscribe: ...
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Years of Living Dangerously
Ian Somerhalder talks about why he cares about climate change and why he's involved in the Years of Living Dangerously series. He meets with Mary Anne Hitt ...
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Politics of Climate Change
America Ferrera meets a family in Waukegan, Illinois dealing with health issues caused by a coal plant right outside their window. ➡ Subscribe: ...
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