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8 Essential Training Tips For Every Triathlete
Balancing swimming, cycling andnning can be difficult but here are GTN's top training tips to help you make the most out of your time and go faster in your ...
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Go Faster In Your Next Triathlon
Whether at home or on the road, Kris goes to whatever lengths necessary to sh his nutrition, training, and recovery. Ice bath from a hotel ice machine, anyone ...
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Look Like a Bodybuilder & Function Like a Triathlete
IRONMAN is a statement of excellence, passion,mitment. It is a test of physical toughness and mental strength. IRONMAN is about persevering, enduring ...
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Week 4
We sat down with Heather and Trevor Wurtele at the Samorin Challenge Championship to discuss their training and how they manage this as a married couple.
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Kris Gethin
Sample day at the QT2 Triathlon pro camp. Day 4 was not by any means long but did include low cadence hill repeats and mile repeats to finish it off at the ...
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IRONMAN -- Anything Is Possible
People keep watching the entire video not knowing what my account even is so I'm gonna keep "I can't bank btw" at the top of the description Twitter: ...
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Balancing Triathlon Training & Relationships With Team Wurtele
Toplete one Ironman Triathlon, an athlete must swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, andn a casual 26.2 miles, all with no breaks. That should give you a pretty ...
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QT2 Triathlon Training Camp - Sample Day
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This week on the GTN Show, we bring you the latest triathlon racing news, an update on the latest tech releases and discuss how good triathletes really are with ...
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End Game Ultimate Ironman
In association with TrainingPeaks - gtn.io/TrainingPeaks On this week's Triathlon Training Explained Show we're at the Porsche Experience Center looking ...
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Meet Ashley Horner — The Woman Tackling 50 Ironman-distance Triathlons in 50 Days
For more information head to: win.gs/Strongman Strongman Swimming documents Ross Edgley's incredible attempt to swim 40km with a 100lb tree tied to ...
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I hate triathlons! They take too long, and they don't look fun. So I did MY OWN triathlon, MY way. The world's shortest and fastest triathlon. #mytri Let's see yours!
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WHEN LIFE HITS YOU // Triathlon Motivation 2017 szTRi - Shop: shop.spreadshirt.at/szTri/ Donation: patreon/szTri **SUBSCRIBE** ...
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Ollie recently took on the everesting challenge in Alta Badia, riding his sty Canyon Ultimate CF SLX. In this video, hens you through his full bike set-up to ...
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How Good Are Triathletes? Could They Win At Other Sports?
A short clip from the documentary "Going Long, Going Hard", which follows 24 world-class triathletes on the ultimate training regime, as they attempt to swim, ...
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The GTN Show Ep. 23
A look into The Rock's workout. See what it takes to be the sexiest man alive! #TheIdesOfRock SUBSCRIBE for more!: bit.ly/28Okvch The Rock & Logan ...
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Triathlon Training Explained
These tips help triathletes get the most out of the most important workout they can possibly do to prepare for their first triathlon, that being a brick training workout.
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Sweat Testing And Hydration
These are the blood tests and supplements I'm taking to support my triathlon training, recovery from fatigue and over training, and recover quicker. Stay up to ...
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Who is Ross?
Countdown to SealFit Kokoro Camp 30. Tom Rowland prepares his body and mind for the ultimate challenge of SealFit Kokoro camp which has been described ...
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 Strongman Swimming E1
Matt Bottrill is a bit of a g when ites to time trialling and just cycling fast. We're going talk about optimising speed, power, aerodynamics and pacing to ...
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The World
Swimming is well known to be the most difficult leg of a triathlon race for athletes to get down. Most peoplee in with great experience in cycling or distance ...
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WHEN LIFE HITS YOU // Triathlon Motivation 2017
Triathlon training on a bike trainer vs outdoor cycling and the tips and tricks associated with getting the most benefit out of your triathlon training with either Zwift ...
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Murr is dressed like an athlete, but he can't seem to play the part very well. #TV #ImpracticalJokers SUBSCRIBE to get the latest TV content: ...
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Clip from "Going Long Going Hard"
Is Kris Gethin's training setting him up to conquer a half-Ironman, or is he in for the battle of his life? This week, he'll find out. Kris Gethin's Pre-Intra-Post ...
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The Rock
Allnners and triathletes want ton fast, and most will have a goal time when racing. 40 minutes for 10km is amon target to aim for and in this video, ...
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Brick Workout Triathlon Training
Since launching GTN in the summer, we've been fortunate to take a closer look at some impressive pro bikes. And it's been a tough challenge, but we've picked ...
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This week we ask whether technology has taken over the sport? We ask whether so much technology adds to the friendlypetition or takes away the fun of ...
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SealFit Ready - 1000 Burpees/5 Mile Run
HardaSuka 2015 to było spontaniczne wyzwanie, które każdy rzucał sam sobie... 4,5 km nocnego pływania w zimnych wodach Zalewu Orawskiego, 220 km ... Next
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